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Richmond Heads to the Island of the Bahamas

Mar 24, 2014

ATLANTA, GA (March 24, 2014)

Crystal blue waters, golden sands and a tropical island breeze. Think you’re reading about heaven? You are, sort of. The Islands of the Bahamas comes pretty close. It’s no wonder the official tagline of these Caribbean islands is: “it’s better in the Bahamas.” Because it really is.

The best part of a vacation in these lush, tropical islands is how quickly you can get there. A few short hours away from your hectic work desk exists a world that captures you from the moment you enter it. Grand Bahama Island is the lesser-known cousin of Paradise Island and Nassau, but just as beautiful and even more idyllic. A combination of historical and natural wonder promises to make this a vacation like no other. Four nights on the Island and you’ll come back home a changed person.

Grand Bahama Island has everything Nassau has – top-notch resorts, amazing food and azure waters. But it’s far less touristy and more affordable. A winning combination for your own private vacation! Plus, its location on the northern-most tip of the Caribbean makes it easy to access from all over the U.S.

To kick off your journey, don’t miss Lucaya, one of the Island’s two main towns. Pack your most comfortable beachwear: the weather rarely dips below 80 degrees year-round. The water enthusiasts will feel right at home; Lucaya offers scuba diving, boating excursions and even cave exploring trips. The Port Lucaya harbor is the place to head to charter boats for activities including swimming with the dolphins and water-skiing. All your cares will melt away as the warm ocean water envelopes you. Visitors can swim close to the shore or adventure into coral reefs. Whatever your adrenaline threshold may be, Port Lucaya will have something for you.

For travelers who prefer to remain dry, Port Lucaya also offers entertainment cruises and romantic sunset cruises. Ignite your passion on the high seas over a bottle of champagne and succulent steak!

Golf enthusiasts will have a reason to celebrate. Grand Bahama Islands hosts several world-class golf courses. Whether you’re a novice – in which case local golf schools are your best bet – or want to spend all day perfecting your already-practiced stroke, you won’t be disappointed.

Then at sunset, get ready for beach jams and cocktails. Port Lucaya’s Count Basie Square is the place to be to dance away the night to steel drums and calypso music. Friday nights at the Square include fire dancing and limbo performances, plus live musical shows by local bands.

No trip to Lucaya is complete without experiencing the ecological wonders of Lucayan National Park. Along with Petersons Cay, the national parks are maintained by the Bahamas National Trust. Lucayan National Park’s 40 acres of protected land features one of the longest known underwater caves on the planet. More than six miles of caves and tunnels are already charted, topped by lush greenery. Exploring some of the world’s longest underwater limestone caves will take up one day, but the experience will last a lifetime.

Founded in 1977, the Park features mangrove, palm and pine trees; showcasing the diverse vegetation found all over the Bahamas. White sand beaches are also a key feature of the area. For thrill-seekers, kayaking through the mangrove swamps or riding horses are activities offered in the Park. For travelers looking for a secluded swimming area, you won’t want to miss Gold Rock Beach. It’s an unparalleled feeling to bathe in transparent waters and see beautiful shells you don’t find in beaches anymore.  You will cherish swimming in largely unexplored territory.

Love the thrill of a chase? Fishing is more than a sport or activity in the Bahamas, it’s a way of life. Ever tried bonefishing? Don’t get on that flight back before giving it a go! Grand Bahama houses some of the best and most plentiful bonefish fisheries on the globe. Catching the silver-skinned fish usually starts off early in the morning. Experts recommend taking a guided fishing excursion to make the most of the experience. Don’t be afraid to try your luck on some of the most expansive bonefishing flats in the world. Feel the wind in your hair and sun against your back! Most bonefishing excursions can only accommodate two passengers, so this is really your time to get lost in nature. Chances are, you won’t see another boat until you’re back. You will, however, see many types of fish including sharks!

No doubt, the best part of a Bahamian adventure is immersing in the Island’s incredible culture. To enjoy the flavors of Grand Bahama Island, indulge in authentic cuisine. Here’s what to look for. First up, fish chowder. This sweet and tangy mainstay item is what you are likely to find at most Bahamian restaurants. The other must-try food is the conch (also known as the national dish of The Bahamas). Enjoy it as fritters with drinks, or as a wholesome chowder with vegetables and meat. You may get it on salad, on a burger or as a version of “conch steak.” If you know locals are preparing it, don’t think twice before ordering it.

At more upscale eateries, you’re bound to find lobster – but it’s only fresh between April and August. Although only the tail is eaten, it can be prepared lightly cooked, or even curried. Other Bahamian favorites include baked crab, peas ‘n’ rice and johnnycake; a type of bread. Don’t leave without trying tropical fruits; guava, soursop or sapodilla. You definitely won’t find it easily back home!

A great accompaniment to any dish is one of the Bahamas Island’s famous rum cocktails. The island breeze goes perfectly with local concoctions like the Yellow Bird or Bahama Mama.   Most bars will have your usual tipple, but a Bahamian sunset just feels that much more beautiful with a locally-inspired cocktail. Whether you’re an adventurer, or just looking for serenity and peace of mind, each precious moment in the Caribbean is like no other.

At the end of a Grand Bahamas Island jaunt, one thing is for sure: you will wish you could stay on in paradise. Because this truly is your own little slice of heaven. Bon voyage! To book your getaway from Richmond International Airport, visit



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